Hopery 3 in 1 Soap Box

€11.95 EUR
By Hopery

  • The HOPERY 3 in 1 soap box is made from renewable bamboo and corn. #wastefreebeauty
  • Together with the HOPERY beauty bars, the box helps to avoid many unnecessary plastic bottles.
  • 1 box - 3 options
  • 1. soap dish The soap dish can be used with or without a floor.
  • 2. soap box for travel The soap can be closed with the silicone strap. You can do without plastic bottles anywhere and always have a hygienic storage for the HOPERY beauty bars with you.
  • 3. Shower soap box In the shower, soap or beauty bars can be placed in the soap dish.
  • The slots in the soap dish help the HOPERY beauty bars dry. The lid optimally protects them against splashes of water.