Refillable Foam Starter Set

€13.95 EUR

  • With our sustainable Basic Starter Set of Foam Tablets (Refill & Remix), you can now easily conjure up your own Body Wash, Soap or Shampoo. 
  • All you need are the tablets (refill kit) and a bottle with a foam pump. The fate of the Zero Waste revolution is now in your hands too!
  • Because working together for a better world tomorrow!
  • The basic starter set contains 1 'forever' aluminum design bottle and 2 Shower Foam, Shampoo or Handwash tablets, good for 1 250 ml refill, or 2 125 ml refills.
  • User manual: Fill our 'forever' bottle (or your own bottle with foam pump) with 250 ml (warm!) tap water. Add 2 tablets of your choice to the hot water. After 30 minutes, turn the foam pump tightly onto the bottle. After 90 to 120 minutes, it's ready to use! Do you only want to use 1 tablet (one type)? Then mix it with 125 ml of warm water.