Tealight Wax Melter – Halloween Pumpkin

€5.00 EUR €9.50

  • Tealight Wax Melter – Halloween Pumpkin with Black Cat 13cm
  • An incredibly cute character melter ready for Autumn and the spooky season!
  • Place a standard size tea-light in the cavity and after removing the lid, your choice of wax melt on top. Gives off a warming glow while fragrancing your room. Only replace the lid once wax is removed, or solid.
  • A classic melter for use with a good quality tea light. Works perfectly with a wide range of wax melts.
  • Place wax in the top and a 4 hour tealight in the opening
  • To remove used wax light the tealight in the burner for a minute or two and push the old wax out or if the wax is full melted you can let is absorb into a couple of cotton pads.
  • Do not use any objects to try and remove the wax ( knife, scissors, spoons etc) as this will damage the top of the burner.