Nesti Dante Luxury Black Gift Set

€10.00 EUR €16.00

  • Nesti Dante's Deluxe Black is inspired by the legendary beauty Cleopatra and her love for Julius Caesar and Marcus Antony.
  • The precious Black African Soaps are prepared with activated vegetable carbon obtained from the carbonization of the coconut.
  • The active vegetable charcoal, known for its detoxifying and purifying virtues, thanks to its deep cleansing action, promotes cell renewal, for a smooth, compact and illuminated complexion. The intoxicating and spicy note of patchouli and pink pepper together with the freshness of hyacinth and jasmine reveals a tornado of sensuality and unexpected opulence.
  • The contents of the set: luxury soap 250gm shower gels 300 ml a great gift idea , gently cleanses the skin ,protects the skin nourishes and moisturizes pleasant smells leaves the skin velvety delicate and soft instruction.
  • These soaps are vegan-friendly.
  • Nesti Dante uses naturally active premium ingredients and only pure whole plant oils that are from sustainable cultivation. No mineral oils, no parabens or aggressive ingredients. Vegan-friendly, no animal ingredients or testing ever. Skin and environment-friendly for a guilt-free legacy.