We provide a gift wrapping service for a nominal charge.

If you would like items to be gift wrapped please use the pop up window which will appear on the cart page once you click the gift box icon in the top left hand corner of the cart page and follow the instructions below.

1. Click on the gift box in the top left hand corner of the Cart page.

2. Create which wrap you would like under 'Created Gift Wraps' section by clicking the + song  - Gift Boxes. Wrap for various items or single item wrap.

3. Drag and drop the items you wish to be included in this gift box/wrap from the left hand column into the gift box/wrap in the middle column.

4. If you wish to have more than one gift box/wrap repeat step 1-3 for each additional gift box.

Please note that for the Hamper Option we will use a either Natural or Gold base depending on the size and number of items to be included.