AromaWorks Mini USB Diffuser

€10.00 EUR €19.95

  • Create a peaceful and calming haven anywhere with the portable AromaWorks USB and Battery powered aroma diffuser. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, it delights your sense and adds luxe to everyday living.
  • Convenient for taking on your travels whether it be business or pleasure, this AromaWorks Diffuser has soft mood lighting, whilst the essential oils are diffused by ventilation from the small fan, eliminating the need for water or electrics.
  • The diffuser is powered by either a USB cable, or AAA batteries.
  • How to use
  • Place the diffuser on a flat surface, remove the cover and put the absorbing pad into the diffuser. Add 5-10 drops of essential oil onto the pad. Replace the cover and connect the USB cable, alternatively use with AAA batteries. Reapply essential oil every 5 hours or as desired. Use a new pad when switching blends, and replace the pad every month depending on usage. A full diffuser care guide is provided in the product's box.