Mint Tea in the Souk Luxury Soy Wax Tart

€1.50 EUR €3.00

  • No visit to Marrakesh is complete without a visit to one of the many wonderful souks selling everything your heart desires.
  • It's normal (and good manners) to be offered fresh hot cups of sweet mint tea while you and the vendor haggle prices.
  • This fragrance captures a hot dry afternoon in the souk with sweet fresh mint tea, over layers of exotic spices, dried jasmine flowers and sharp citrus notes.
  • PB fragrances are unique, powerful, and hand-blended.
  • The descriptions and ethereal blends will transport you to a scent realm that works on all of the senses.
  • You are enrobed in an olfactory experience.



Scented Tart Wax Melts with a powerful 10% fragrance oil encased in soy wax. Most candle brands (even the most popular American one) only use 5 to 7% fragrance oil. Your high-end French luxury brands use 10% and that is the percentage PB use.

They are a bit more expensive but when you take into account that each of these tarts will give you the same scent power as a full-size candle in burn time, you will see what a great value they are.

We leave the wax untinted because we feel it gives a much cleaner burn and gives a more elegant modern contemporary feel.

These will release aromas for approx. 30 hours in a warmer before it starts to lose it's potency. Ideally you should warm them for no more than 2 hours at a time. After that point your space will be saturated with scent and you will become nose-blind.



Use in a wax tart burner either electric or tea light warmed. These can also be used as scented drawer/wardrobe inserts.

Each individual Tart is 70mm x 25mm approx and can be cut into pieces if you choose. and is packaged in a cleat recycled PET container.

Holding approx. 30g wax per tart.

Do NOT store near direct heat or sunlight and never leave a tart warmer unattended.