Nesti Dante Emozioni in Toscana Soap Gift Set

€16.95 EUR €25.95

  • Love at first sight for passionate connoisseurs. Natural soaps made with love and care and inspired by the enchanting scents of Tuscany.
  •  Versions: The Golden Countryside (nourishing) Villages and Monasteries (relaxing) Enchanting Forest (re-oxygenating) Mediterannean Touch (invigorating) Blooming Gardens (intoxicating) Thermal Water (therapeutic)
  • Formulated with quality, purity and integrity without compromise. Naturally active premium ingredients, organic wherever possible.
  • Only pure whole plants oils from sustainable cultivation. No mineral oils, no parabens or aggressive ingredients.
  • Vegan friendly, no animal ingredients or testing - ever. Skin and environment friendly for a guilt free legacy. Supporting the responsible recycling for all our packaging.