Paris 1920 Luxury Soy Wax Tart

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  • 1920's Paris was known as the Années folles (Crazy Years). Jazz had come to Cafe Society and the term was used to describe the rich cultural, social and artistic atmosphere that was enjoyed.
  • A floral chypre accord with top notes of bergamot and patchouli with a rich heart of vetyver, rose, lily and violet on a base of musk, amber, woods and moss
  • PB fragrances are unique, powerful, and hand-blended.
  • The descriptions and ethereal blends will transport you to a scent realm that works on all of the senses.
  • You are enrobed in an olfactory experience.



Scented Tart Wax Melts with a powerful 10% fragrance oil encased in soy wax. Most candle brands (even the most popular American one) only use 5 to 7% fragrance oil. Your high-end French luxury brands use 10% and that is the percentage PB use.

They are a bit more expensive but when you take into account that each of these tarts will give you the same scent power as a full-size candle in burn time, you will see what a great value they are.

We leave the wax untinted because we feel it gives a much cleaner burn and gives a more elegant modern contemporary feel.

These will release aromas for approx. 30 hours in a warmer before it starts to lose it's potency. Ideally you should warm them for no more than 2 hours at a time. After that point your space will be saturated with scent and you will become nose-blind.



Use in a wax tart burner either electric or tea light warmed. These can also be used as scented drawer/wardrobe inserts.

Each individual Tart is 70mm x 25mm approx and can be cut into pieces if you choose. and is packaged in a cleat recycled PET container.

Holding approx. 30g wax per tart.

Do NOT store near direct heat or sunlight and never leave a tart warmer unattended.