Tea Tree Vegan Friendly Dog Shampoo Bar

€10.00 EUR

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  • Washing your pooch just got easier! This handmade, easy-to-grip solid shampoo bar for dogs makes bath time a cinch and means no wasted product down the drain!
  • Our Tea Tree Dog Shampoo Bar even comes with is own storage/travel pod (made from recycled materials of course)!
  • The vegetable glycerin formula, will create a soothing, nourishing and caring coat cleanser perfect for your fur-baby!
  • The Tea Tree Essential Oil (known for its anti-bacterial, itch-relieving and skin soothing properties) enriched formula, will leave your dog's skin and coat clean, soothed, silky and super soft - ready for extra snuggles!
  • TOP TIPS: • Have everything you need ready and handy before getting you dog wet! • Use lukewarm water - your dog will feel more comfortable. • Leave the head and face until last to help stop them doing “the shake” • Avoid getting water inside their ears - they really don’t like that!