Calendula Bath Truffle

€3.75 EUR
By BadeFee

  • For a particularly luxurious bathroom, the Bath Truffle Calendula is just the thing! It transforms the bath water into a nourishing oasis of rich oils, cocoa and shea butter and a sea of ​​delicate rose petals.
  • You will immerse yourself in the beguiling scent of Rose, violet, jasmine, bergamot
  • The nourishing cream bath provides your skin with long-lasting moisture and important nutrients. Rich cocoa and shea butter make your skin supple and comfortable.
  • The combination with coconut and almond oil provides vitalizing amino acids and vitamins.
  • 45g


Add the bath truffle to the warm bath water and let it dissolve completely. Enjoy the relaxing bath between the flowers. The truffle gives the water an oily texture. If you wish, you can take a quick shower after your bath to rinse off any remaining oil and flowers.