Goloka Shat Chakra Varillas

€12.50 EUR
By Goloka

  • Explore enveloping mystical essences with Goloka Shat Chakra Sticks, a unique 7-in-1 incense that takes you on a sensory journey through the seven chakras.
  • Each stick is a fragrant symphony that balances and harmonizes your body's energy centers, providing a wholesale holistic wellness experience.
  • This pack is a masterpiece of aromatherapy, where each stick represents a main chakra. From the uplifting aroma of sandalwood for the root chakra to the floral freshness of lotus for the crown chakra, each fragrance is carefully selected to align and restore your inner energies. In addition to their impact on spirituality and energy balance, these Goloka sticks are made with high-quality ingredients and traditional incense-making techniques.
  • Each inhalation transports your mind to a state of peace and connection with the inner self.
  • The Goloka Shat Chakra pack is an invitation to an aromatic journey 
  • Contains 7 Packs of 15g Each