Ice Fairy Room Spray

€7.50 EUR €13.50

  • Our Ice Fairy room spray is similar to a bath bomb from a popular High Street brand and is a strong, fresh, sweet uplifting scent.
  • Reminiscent of bubblegum and candy floss.
  • This is a gorgeous scent for people with a sweet tooth!
  • 150ml
  • How to use your room spray
  • For best results we recommend spraying 2 or 3 times pointing upwards in the middle of your room, or on your curtains and cushions. Do not spray on hard surfaces as this may cause a slippery floor.


Contains: alpha-iso-Methylionone, (E)-1-(2,6,6-Trimethyl-2-cyclohexen-1-yl)-2-buten-1-one, omega- Pentadecalactone.