Natural Botanical Masala Incense

€2.75 EUR

  • Welcome to a world of pure, natural fragrant bliss 
  • These little wonders are crafted with love and care in the heart of India and are here to enchant your customers and their spaces. Imagine a world where you can choose from enchanting fragrances like myrrh, sandalwood, nag champa, patchouli, English lavender, cinnamon, and more.
  • Each stick is a journey waiting to happen, promising to soothe souls and create an atmosphere of zen.
  • They blend natural herbs and botanicals into every stick, ensuring a consistent, captivating scent that fills the room with tranquility. Our incense sticks are made from organic ingredients, guaranteeing a clean and pure burn. Plus, rest easy knowing they're cruelty-free.
  • They come in elegant boxes that not only preserve their freshness but also look stunning on any shelf. It's practical and a piece of art in itself.