Nesti Dante Chic Animalier Gift Set

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  • A triumphant fusion of botanical fragrances that are beautiful individually but breathtaking when combined. Diverse and seductive aromas that will captivate the senses. Mother Nature gives life to this triumphant fusion of opposites for fragrance that are beautiful alone, yet breathtaking when paired together.
  • An aroma that will captivate your senses with its seductive diversity. Versions: White Tiger with fragrance of Hibiscus, Baobab Milk & Freesia Bronze Leopard with fragrance Myrr, Ginger Tea & Patchouli Red Python with fragrance of Wild Orchid, Red Tea & Tiarè
  • The Gift Kit including:
  • Nesti Dante Chic Animalier RED (Phyton): 
  • Exuberant and seductive, it storms into the territory of unexplored fragrances, exalting the accents of wild orchids perfume, breaks out the desire of possession and contains the promise of vibrant nights, which do not know the sleep.
  • Nesti Dante Chic Animalier WHITE (Tiger): The  compelling bloom of freesia and hibiscus wraps itself in the pure innocence of the note of baobab milk for an enchanting feeling of sensuality and power. Hibiscus, Baobab Milk &Freesia. Alluring and Fascinating.
  • Nesti Dante Chic Animalier BRONZE (Leopard): The aromatic juice with scents of myrrh and ginger tea embraces the wake of patchouli in a sensual and provocative soap. Myrrh, Ginger Tea and Patchouli. Sensual & Provocative.